About dr hayley

AHPRA Registration PSY0001714850

PhD Clinical Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, MA Transpersonal Psychology, Grad Dip (Hons) Psychology, BA Criminology

Dr Hayley Watson is a clinical psychologist, researcher, lecturer, and program developer who is passionate about helping people find and cultivate their inner potential and inherent value. Her most recent projects are a Youtube Channel making psychology accessible to youth, and a cutting-edge video-based mental health curriculum for middle and high schools being rolled out across Australia, Canada, and the US. She also delivers teacher and parent training seminars worldwide.

Hayley is an expert in the field of group and school interventions, having developed and delivered youth intervention programs in Canada, the UK, Australia and the US. She has worked with non-profit organisations, private corporations, and educational systems to create and deliver programs that inspire, motivate, and unlock the potential of youth from all backgrounds and circumstances. 

As a clinical psychologist, Hayley has extensive experience in the assessment, treatment, and support of children, adolescents, adults, and families with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties, and has particular expertise in supporting adolescents dealing with anxiety, bullying/social exclusion, victimisation, and relational difficulties. 

She believes in a holistic approach and uses evidence-based clinical interventions that encompass mindfulness, the mind-body connection, and compassion for self and others, drawing on her training and experience in these areas. Her Phd focused on changing bully/victim dynamics through forgiveness, and she has a background in mentoring and supporting underprivileged youth. She has worked within the policing, victim services, and restorative justice fields, and has a solid grounding in academia, lecturing and teaching in the fields of both Psychology and Criminology, and holding research posts aimed at evaluating the impact and effectiveness of program implementation, and evaluating the need for specific mental health interventions.

Hayley is also a certified Yoga Teacher with a strong foundation in meditation and mindfulness practices, and a Master’s degree focused on joining ancient wisdom and modern psychology. She strongly believes in working on herself first as a means to helping others, and engages in a regular meditation practice as well as ongoing coaching and therapy.