Seize the Day

What does “seizing the moment” really mean? Is this moment actually MINE to hold onto? Or do I merely have the honour of being present to it, witnessing it, experiencing it, before it floats away and the next moment wanders in?

If I “seize” it, is that not just my mind making it all about ME? Trying to keep hold of the “good” feelings and escape from the “bad”? Can I be present even to the moments that I DON’T want to seize? The moments I want to run and hide from? The moments I want to leap out of my skin because it doesn’t even feel like it fits me anymore??

The more I grasp tightly to these beautiful experiences, the harder it is to ride the waves when the next moment arrives…

It’s ok dear mind, you don’t have to hold on, you don’t have to clench, to make sure that it lasts, to squeeze out every last drop. You can just enjoy it and then let it go…❤