Am I Lost?

How can you really tell when you’re lost? I know what it feels like to be’s a delicious sensation of LANDING, of RETURNING, of coming HOME. 

But somehow I don’t seem to realise it when I’m lost. I just keep spinning, whirling, flailing. And I’m convinced that whatever backward self-sabotaging thoughts I happen to be thinking are absolutely one hundred percent “correct”. I’m so IN it, that I have zero perspective. 

I could literally wander around aimlessly in the dark like this for an eternity and not see that I’ve gone astray. 

But when I have guidance, when a loving presence can gently point out the path to me, when I can re-connect through nature or therapy or meditation...all of a sudden the sensation of FOUND-ness rushes over me, and only THEN can I see how lost I was.

I’ve come to realise that we ALL need someone to point out how lost we really are...I can’t wait until the day that our world becomes one where everyone feels safe to reach out and find the guidance we all need to find our way! ❤️

Hayley Watsonmusings