Too Old To Be Young & Too Young to Be Old

My mind wants to tell me I should “fit in”- that I should do what others “my age” are doing...but what does that even mean!? Is there a set plan that we all must follow in order to be “good enough”? For what? For whom? Am I scared that I won’t be accepted? That I’ll miss my chance? What club am I inventing just so that I can feel LEFT OUT OF IT!?!? 😂

Oh sweet mind, these are things you cannot control. I know you want to, and I know you believe that if you just follow the rules and do what everyone else is doing, somehow you’ll be safe. You’ll find a way to make sure no one ever dislikes you, you never feel pain, you never die. And I know how hard you work at this, dear mind! You’re beautiful for your efforts. Shush now, rest yourself. I’ll take it from here...💕

If I can quiet my mind and let go of the beliefs I hold about “what I should be doing at this age” I can see the absolutely delicious freedom of being in this life, in this body, in this experience...

I realise the complete and utter irrelevancy of age, and the sparkling excitement of everything I am choosing to create right here,  right now...right here, right now ❤️✨

Hayley Watsonmusings