Every body else is better than me!!! I need to be more like them!!!!! 

Hang on a jealousy even real? Or is it just another lie my mind is making up to reinforce its belief that I’m not good enough...?? 

My thoughts tell me to see others as the enemy. But is that the truth? Is it accurate that other people’s successes mean something negative about ME?

When I stop and look at it, jealousy is really just me distrusting myself, my worth, life in general. But why would I do that? What kind of a relationship with life is that? Sounds pretty boring to sign up for a stream of constant reminders that I’m not good enough!!

By believing jealousy, aren’t I separating myself from wonderful things? Saying I’m NOT that? What if instead I did the opposite?! What if I saw someone I admired and decided to think “I love that...I’m going to find that quality in myself too”…

What would happen then??

Oh mind, let’s be friends with life. I think she’ll be an awesome companion if we let her ❤️

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