Can I see all the ways my mind twists things? Sometimes. But then it bogs me down. There are times when my mind is like quick sand and I need the insight of my loving therapist to guide me back to my truth.

Is that something I should be ashamed of? Should I think there’s something wrong with me because I seek guidance from an incredibly wise and accomplished professional who has walked this path before me and knows the way? 

When my vehicle breaks down, am I ashamed that I need to call a mechanic to help me fix it? When my body is struggling, is there any shame in seeking medical advice? How is my mental journey any different than my physical one? 

The stigma around mental health truly baffles me. The fact that every single one of us struggles in such similar ways, and we all feel that there’s something “wrong” with us, and that we shouldn’t admit that we’re human. 

Oh dear mind, needing help is not a sign of weakness...that’s just something you’ve told yourself because it’s so damn scary to realise how vulnerable you really are ❤️


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