Hiding in my Own Shadow

What  can I see if I really stop and look? It’s easy for me to see the parts of me that struggle, the scared parts, the weak parts. But how much harder it is for me to see my own strength! To recognise the power in me that always comes out the other side with more insight, more wisdom, more ability to thrive. 

How easy it is for me to forget how much I have overcome, how many resources I have within me. Yes my inner child is often frightened, but what about my inner wise woman? The part of me who finds the strength to reach out for help, to see the bigger picture? To make hard choices and change things in my life?

Do I dare to see it ALL? If I truly recognise that I am always capable of helping myself, then I have to take FULL responsibility for my own journey. If I really see what’s possible for me, I can’t blame anyone else for how I feel...EVER. And that is one hell of a thing to let go of! No wonder I like to hide in my own shadow...

Hayley Watsonmusings