New York or LA?

The quintessential question. They seem to bring out different parts of my personality. In LA I can be as easy breezy as the salty wind blowing in my hair while riding my sweet two-wheeler on Venice boardwalk...But in New York I can be a version of “cool” I never knew I possessed. Making things happen, moving and shaking, alive with vibrant energy and curiosity and possibilities!

So is it the place that determines who I am? Or is that just something my mind is telling me? Am I limiting myself by deciding I can only be ‘open’ when I’m in LA and ‘cool’ when I’m in NYC? What about down to earth? Can I only be that when I’m surrounded with the mountains and trees of my youth?? 

It’s so interesting how I restrict myself based on my surroundings. What if I could be anything I wanted no matter where I was!? What if I didn’t have to buy into this story my mind is telling me that I’m not cool enough or open enough or down to earth enough JUST AS I AM? That I need a ‘place’ to fulfil some gaping hole in my personality?

What if I could wake up anywhere I was in the whole wide world and decide “today is going to be an easy breezy California kind of a day...” ❤️

Hayley Watsonmusings