A Letter to My Mind

Dear Mind, 

Can I be frank? (I’ll take this rare moment of your silence as a yes).

I really care about you and that’s why I need to say what I’m about to say. Please know that it is out of love and a deep care for your wellbeing and our relationship that I am writing this.

Brace yourself...this may hurt.

You’re taking all the fun out of life. Literally. I know you desperately want to know EXACTLY what’s around the next bend. And in fact, you’d be even more satisfied if you could plan every moment of this whole damn journey.

But you’ve forgotten what life is really about!!

It’s not your fault, you’ve been through a lot. Life has taught you to protect yourself, to expect the worst...but you don’t have to do that any more. Really. 

Let’s just follow this path and see where it leads...whaddya think? ❤️

Hayley Watsonmusings