Ugliness is no Excuse

What is this part of me that craves ugliness? If it’s grey and cold and miserable, if people are being mean or things aren’t going my way - it’s easy to find a ‘reason’ to be cranky. 

If I truly recognise the beauty that surrounds me, then I have nothing to blame for my sadness and loneliness and dissatisfaction. If I open to the love that’s always available, then I have to see the choice I’m making in deciding that these other feelings are WRONG and BAD. 

It’s ok mind, it’s ok to see that you have a choice. I know that level of freedom scares the crap out of you...but really it’s simple: All you need to do is ride each wave and allow for the possibility that there is just as much joy in the storm as there is in the calm. Then you can simply relish in the juiciness of your experience instead of trying to find ways of using it to escape what’s really going on inside ❤️

Hayley Watsonmusings