Surviving and Thriving on the Entrepreneurial Journey: Attitude is Everything!

So here I am in the Hollywood Hills…How did I get here!?

This entrepreneurial journey of “doing my own thing” is such a roller coaster. Sometimes I feel like NOTHING is happening and I have to rely on pure dedication and trust that I am headed in the right direction. Sometimes it feels like EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG and things are never going to work out the way I hope they will, and I have to dig deep to find the resources to continue believing. And then all of a sudden everything lands at once, and I am flying with the joy of triumph and the validation that my efforts are not in vain!

But if I rely on these moments of “success” and fear the times of struggle and emptiness, I am like a leaf in the wind - thrown this way and that by every twist and turn, most of which I have zero control over.

So what can we do when we are taking big chances, embracing risk, and daring to do something that may or may not work out in the way we want it to?

I’m certainly not pretending to be an expert on this, because I am most definitely learning as I go here!!!

But I have come to realise something in a deep way - that the focus HAS to be on the mission, the WHY we care deeply enough to make this big thing happen. 

Growing up in a Buddhist community, I often heard about non-attachment and letting go. Not getting caught up in the moment. I used to hate those talks :) My response was always: “But I want to LIVE!!!! I want to be IN the moments of my life!!!” I see now what they were getting at, but I also recognise where that little me had a tiny spark of wisdom beneath her overly zealous rebellion…

Because as humans we can’t NOT be attached.  Trying to distance ourselves from our experiences simply won’t work. And the world needs us to care!! As a mere mortal, the ONLY WAY I can work as hard as I do to help others is from a deep passionate desire to change things - and of course there is attachment in that! I can and do focus on letting go, but that will always be a work in progress :)

But Eastern wisdom is spot on that there needs to be another layer to our awareness. We need the bigger picture too, to understand that ultimately it’s all ok - that truly it DOESN’T matter just as much as it DOES matter. If I fail, there’s nothing “wrong” with that. If I succeed, that doesn’t mean “I’m a success”.  These are just human experiences that we attach meaning to - but ultimately they are not ‘bad’ or ‘good’, they just ARE.

So the real goal as I see it is to stay in the journey - working, striving, reaching to create something meaningful, while keeping the focus on the VISION - and never forgetting how amazing you are for daring to face your ship in the direction of something GREAT.

Easier said than done of course, but at the end of the day anything is possible, so why not reach for the stars!?

Hayley Watsonmusings