Q: What services do you offer schools?

I have created mental health curriculum content that is accessible, engaging, and relatable to young people, and that is presented in a package that can be taught by any teacher. I also offer trainings for teachers, staff, and parents, as well as group programs for students. In addition, I offer tailor-made bullying intervention and anti-bullying programs for schools.

Q: I’ve never been to see a psychologist before. What will it be like?

A: It can be nerve wracking starting therapy for the first time, I totally understand! In the first session I will ask you lots of questions about your current situation, your background, your family, and your experiences in order to get a picture of what’s going on for you and what your life is like. Then together we will make a plan for what you would like to get out of therapy, and how I can meet your needs. After that we schedule sessions at your pace to meet your needs, with an aim of helping you find your inner wisdom and greatest potential. A lot of what happens in sessions is talking, but I also use exercises involving art, meditation, and the mind/body connection if you feel comfortable and want to explore those. I am always open to feedback on what is working for you and what isn’t, so that we can continually create the best learning and growing environment for you.

Q: Do you run workshops that provide training for teachers, therapists, or parents?

Yes! I run tailored trainings for individual schools and community programs, and I will also be scheduling workshops at central locations in Australia and the US in the future. Please Contact me! to let me know your interest for these so that I can provide you with further details.  


Q: I don’t live near you but I want to schedule a session. How does online therapy work?

A: I use a secure online system so you can be sure that sessions are fully confidential. All that is required is for you to have access to a private space where there is a strong internet connection. Often people are unsure what it will feel like to see me online, but so far my clients have found that it feels no different than seeing me in person (as long as their internet connection works well). Of course each person is different, and need/risk levels vary so I am happy to explore options of what suits your current situation best.

Regulations for online therapy state that you must be in Australia in order for me to see you for online sessions, as that is where I am currently registered.

Q: I want you to come to my school/my child’s school but I don’t know if they’re open to it – what can I do to make it happen?

Great question. Many schools don’t have the resources for mental health curriculum or don’t feel that there is a need. I am very happy to approach your school for you (keeping your name private if you wish) and seeing if there is a way forward. Please Contact me! and let me know your needs and how you would best like to proceed.

Q: I want to learn more about what you’re teaching but I’m not sure I need/want therapy…Is there another way I can get involved?

Absolutely! I am currently developing online programs where you can learn more and get to a deeper level with your own self-awareness and understanding without actually seeing a therapist in person. I can also run programs at your school or in your community if you want access to the learning but in a group environment rather than individually. If you Contact me! and let me know which of these options you would like, we can discuss the best way forward for you.