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Psychology is not a dirty word 

Relatable mental health services for young people

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What I offer

Working with schools

I am passionate about helping young people develop to their fullest potential and providing them with effective, accessible, and engaging mental health content so that they can thrive both now and in the future. I have created the Open Parachute Program - cutting edge video-based curriculum content for students and training for teachers, and I work with schools to embed mental health into their culture on every level.

Mental Health Documentaries

I have recently found a new passion in documentary filmmaking! I capture real life stories of youth overcoming struggle and hardship, in order to showcase role models that teens can look up to and learn from. My aim is to help youth everywhere know that now matter what they are going through, THEY ARE NOT ALONE. Check out the documentaries here.



I love helping people turn confusing experiences into opportunities for growth! As a clinical psychologist, I offer in-person and online therapy for adults, teenagers, and children. I am registered in Australia and New York and can see clients from both locations. Please contact me if you would like to request a block of sessions to suit your needs. 

professional development

I am so excited to offer training for teachers and educators, empowering them with confidence in sustaining their own self-care while also teaching mental health and wellness to young people. Check out the full training program here. I also offer consultations for school leaders to create school-wide wellbeing systems. Contact me to request a consultation!



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About Hayley

AHPRA Registration PSY0001714850

PhD Clinical Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, MA Transpersonal Psychology, Grad Dip (Hons) Psychology, BA Criminology

I am a clinical psychologist, program developer, researcher, and lecturer, and my passion is helping people find the freedom in cultivating their deepest truth and living up to their fullest potential. I have developed programs for young people in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. The culmination of my research and experience can be found in Open Parachute - cutting-edge video-based mental health curriculum for middle & high schools and training for teachers. You can check out the full details here.


with Dr. Hayles

A video blog providing accessible and engaging information for teachers, parents, and young people about relating to adolescent mental health issues.





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