I Love You So: Mother-Daughter Retreat

I Love You So: Mother-Daughter Retreat


When: Fri April 12 @ 3/4pm - Sun April 14  @2pm

Where: Govinda Valley Retreat Centre, NSW

Who: Mothers/Carers and their 14-16 year old daughters

Pricing: $645pp, all inclusive

Step outside your hectic life for a weekend to nourish your body, mind and relationship. Throughout this retreat you will learn how to define and blend your differences as mothers and daughters, and how your own life journey affects your interactions with one another. The program will deal with matters such as adolescent emotions, relationships, sexuality, bullying, self-care, body image, social media, and substance use. Using psychological tools, personal reflection, meditation, and yoga, this retreat will prepare you to communicate better with yourself and each other, cultivate self-esteem, and strengthen the depth of connection and acceptance within your relationship.

Trainer Bios:

Dr Hayley Watson is a clinical psychologist, researcher, program developer, and trainer. She is an expert in the field of group and school interventions, having developed and delivered programs for youth in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. Her PhD focused on bullying interventions, and she has four other degrees in the fields of criminology, psychology, and mindfulness. Her most recent projects are a Youtube Channel making psychology accessible to youth, and a video-based mental health curriculum for high schools being rolled out in Australia, Canada, and the US. She delivers teacher and parent training seminars worldwide.

Dr Siham Yayha shares a compassionate approach allows individuals to explore their inner-self and challenges, by gaining a new perspective on their difficulties. She is particularly interested in Transpersonal Psychology, using Mindfulness and Guided Meditation as tools alongside therapy. Sisi teaches psychological skills to effectively manage thoughts and feelings and reduce any negative influence these may have on individuals in various contexts. She believes that wellbeing and human growth begins with helping people recognise what their true potential is and how to achieve it. Sisi has also presented publicly and published articles on various matters including intermarriage, peace-promoting bi-lingual education, parenting, and mindfulness. 

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