Sydney Mental Wellness Teacher Training - NESA Endorsed

Sydney Mental Wellness Teacher Training - NESA Endorsed


When: Saturday, June 1st 9am - 3pm

Where: North Sydney Training Centre

Pricing: Early Bird $425 (before May 4th), Regular fee $525 - Discounts apply for groups of two or more - please contact Hayley to inquire.

Join me for a unique training program for teachers, counsellors, and educators that provides skills for managing personal self-care, burnout, and the pressures of working in a caring role with youth. At the same time, this program provides you with tools for relating to the mental health, social and emotional well-being, engagement, behaviour concerns, and relational difficulties of your students. 

This training is unique in that it approaches mental health training from a personal level. It is my belief that one of the main factors in the growing pressure for teachers to care for the mental health of their students is that there is still an incredible amount of stigma around the concepts of mental and emotional well-being in our society today. 

These topics are not normalised in the wider culture, and therefore people who are struggling have barriers to reaching out, and those who are not struggling have barriers to supporting others, and so this burden is now falling onto teachers, many of whom don’t feel adequately equipped in this area. 

However, in my many years working with youth I have learned that we don’t need to have all the answers, we don’t need to be experts, and actually each one of you is absolutely capable of guiding the next generation into drawing out their inner wisdom, courage, and strength, and teaching them how to love and support themselves and each other. We can do this by bringing “mental health issues” down to a personal level, revealing that EVERYONE experiences limitations in their minds, and that we can ALL find ways of becoming more of who we want to be.

Therefore, this training provides teachers with a unique and valuable method of reflecting on themselves and their own well-being as well as a way of guiding students to do the same. It reveals is a pathway to forming a healthy relationship with your own mind and the minds of your students in a way that feels safe, fun, and engaging. You will learn tools for promoting your own mental wellness, and skills for coaching all students in your care to reaching their fullest potential, regardless of their mental health presentation. 

Testimonials from past participants:

“Thank you so much for spreading your wisdom. I have continued today to talk so highly about your training. The idea of cohesion between bullies and victims and not labelling them as such... this is impressive to me and such a life changer! You made the presentation material very understandable to all. I will definitely utilise what I learned from you.”

“Thank you for your presentation today! It was my favourite...My team is really excited to share this information with our staff.”

Trainer Bio: Dr Hayley Watson is a clinical psychologist, researcher, program developer, and trainer. She is an expert in the field of group and school interventions, having developed and delivered programs for youth in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. Her PhD focused on bullying interventions, and she has four other degrees in the fields of criminology, psychology, and mindfulness. Her most recent projects are a Youtube Channel making psychology accessible to youth, and a video-based mental health curriculum for high schools being rolled out in Australia, Canada, and the US. She delivers teacher and parent training seminars worldwide.

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